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Welcome to our Mentorship Program!

Part of our mission in building Great Futures in our youth is providing a framework where they improve, grow, and thrive in their environment.

When you become a mentor, you're allowing our youth to do just that.


Meet Our Mentors

Our dedicated mentors come from various professions, allowing our youth to get a sense of all that today's workforce has to offer!

Check out what some of our mentors had to say about the program!



"You need to do something that you really enjoy. Its hard to be successful if you do not enjoy what you are doing. Follow your interests and the money will follow."

John Haydu, Real Estate

"You have to spend money to make money!"

Michael Gruber, DMD, Dentistry

"The best advice I was ever given in business was to never make excuses and focus on solutions to challenges. I would give a young person the same advice and add that it is fine to change your mind in your career choice. Life changes and so may be your desires. It is about the journey."

Ameer Washington, Nonprofit - Youth Development

"Be client focused and continue to learn every day. Things change so fast now that you need to be learning every day."

Tony Heaton, Telecommunications

"Don’t take advice. No two careers are the same. Forge your own path."

Thomas Basta, Banking

"Find your niche. No matter what field you go into, find the one thing in that field that is your sweet spot that you can do better than almost anyone else. The point is, if your passionate about what you do, you will produce winning results."

Anthony Attanasio, Consulting-Transportation & Infrastructure Sectors

"Define what you want and why after, put a date when you expect to have it. Keep yourself committed to self growth and mentor someone."

John Cowan, Digital Advertising

"Prepare for every discussion and always ask questions."

Jim Cirenza, Investment Banking/ Securities

"You get what you put in. There is always room for improvement."

Jon Ditkoff, Medical Care

"Don’t be a talker... be a doer."

Lee Holtzman, Legal


How Do I Become a Mentor?


Each of our mentors are volunteers, partners, sponsors, and longtime supporters of the Club,

all who share the same vision of our youth excelling in their future dreams and goals.

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