Liyasia, Grade 5

To get somewhere, you need to be what you want to be.

Liyasia wants to be U.S. president one day, and if she’s learned anything at BGCN, it’s how to set yourself up for success.  

“To get somewhere, you need to be what you want to be,” she declares.

The energetic fifth grader loves coming to the Boys & Girls Club of Newark to engage in fun activities, but also to get the homework assistance she needs to be successful in school with programming like Power Hour, a dedicated hour of homework help.


Power Hour not only enables her to do well in school, but it also ensures that she gets to go home and spend quality time with her family without the burden of having homework left to complete.

Her mother, Shanique, seconds that testament. Because she doesn’t get out of work in time to pick Liyasia and her two siblings up after school, she values BGCN for the support we provide with HW assistance, as well as with nurturing her children’s social development. She can see those skills developing in her children as they “get to see other people and learn different things.”

Shanique values BGCN for providing her children with an overall developmental experience. She has taken advantage of BGCN resources and events like Family Dinner Nights, a space for parents to connect with Clubhouse staff members, to ensure her children’s development in our core areas of academic success, healthy lifestyles, and good characters.