Asia, Grade 5

That day, I went home and cried tears of joy because I was so happy.” - Jizelle, Asia's Mom

Before moving out of Newark, Jizelle had some parting reflections on the Boys & Girls Club of Newark's impact on her two children, Asia and Fernando.

"I am so proud and honored to have my kids part of BGCN. Their future is so bright. I thank the Club for providing me with a peace of mind knowing that they are safe."

Events like our annual Holiday Party, during which BGCN distributes gifts to all of our Members, stand out in Jizelle’s mind as moments in which BGCN has been able to step in to support her family.

“That day, I went home and cried tears of joy because I was so happy.”

BGCN has also given her children numerous opportunities to gain new experiences and discover their interests.

Asia got the opportunity to join a dance group performing at our annual Evening of the Stars gala. Fernando took part in an activity when BGCN hosted professional musicians, and got to opportunity to engage with new and different instruments. Both of her children had the opportunity to meet the New York Jets on numerous occasions, thanks to BGCN’s strong relationship with the team.

As a result of exposure to new experiences, Asia and Fernando have discovered new passions and developed high aspirations.

Asia, a 5th grade Member, aspires to be an artist. She credits BGCN with inspiring her creativity in art. She loves coming to BGCN and engaging in swimming, STEM, and dance activities. Her brother, Fernando, is also a fan of BGCN's STEM program, and aspires to be a game creator. The STEM program gives him an opportunity to "use his knowledge and creativity using hands on programs."

While Jizelle’s children may no longer be enrolled at the Club, she’ll continue to carry the memory of BGCN’s impact on her family.

“I will never forget what the Club has done for me. I appreciate the staff. They have shown me that there are good people in the world.”